Curriculum & Homework Policy


Uintah Basin Christian Academy primarily uses A Beka curriculum (K5-8th). This curriculum is currently used in thousands of Christian Schools and home schools around the world. The King James Version is used in A Beka.


UBCA uses a 10 point letter grading scale (1st-8th).


Uintah Basin Christian Academy believes that homework is an integral part of the school program. The teacher is a liberty to give homework to aid the students in advancing their studies. Therefore, each student is required to complete homework assignments on time.

We do request parents’ full cooperation in seeing that the assignments are completed. Typically, the amount of time spent on homework should not exceed 10 minutes per grade level (10 minutes for first grade, 40 for fourth grade, etc.). Homework should not be busy work, but rather an extension or review of learning. Should students not have homework for a given night, he or she should read, study math facts, or review in areas of need.

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