Special Services

Special services may be provided through the Uintah School District for your child at Uintah Basin Christian Academy. Services such as speech and language, special education, and any types of testing or services may be performed during the school day as determined by both the Uintah School District and Uintah Basin Christian Academy.

If you believe your child is in need of special services, please contact the administrator of UBCA to begin the process of testing with the Uintah School District. Most of the time, the costs of special services is free to families at UBCA. Parents should note that travel to and from UBCA will be a cost paid for and provided by the parent/guardian whose child needs special services. Should parents/guardians choose not to have their child tested and the administrator and staff at UBCA believes that testing should be done to assist a child in need, the administrator may choose to not allow the student to attend UBCA.

Intervention for reading and math will be provided for all students in need in 1st-8th grades. Questions and comments regarding special services should be directed to the school administrator.

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