Good Morning Friends!
Take each thought captive this day!
Feed on the promises of God!
See the beauty all around you!
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Good Morning Friends!
A great thought to begin the day!
Be intentional in choosing to spend time with your Heavenly Father!
Remember... He cares!
Have a blessed day!
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Good Afternoon Friends,
Praying you have had a restful few days!
We are all blessed so much more than we deserve!

Have a wonderful afternoon!...did you see what just happened there?

We just passed through the gateway that is Thanksgiving
& into the holidays & all the joy our hearts can hold!

Makes sense — that the gate into the holidays [holy-days]
would be Thanksgiving...

"Enter into His presence through the gate of THANKSGIVING — & in His presence is fullness of JOY" Ps.100:4, Ps16:11

Because the deal is? When thanks to God becomes your habit, joy in God becomes your life.

So — when the holidays get hard, just take a deep breath & remember how you always get into the holidays & JOY — through that gateway: Thanksgiving.

Hold on through the holidays:
JOY IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE -- because there is always, always something to be THANKFUL for! – From One Thousand Gifts

#1000Gifts #ChooseJoy
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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving from some of the students of Uintah Basin Christian Academy! ... See MoreSee Less

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Good morning friends, so much to be thankful for this day! Let us be mindful in counting our blessings!...so it kinda looks like: the one thing we must pray to be great at is thanksgiving — because it’s the one thing that makes God great in our lives.

And it kinda looks like: No matter what the headlines shout, the world only has two stories: bless God or curse God.

No matter what the world tries to sell, we all only get to choose from two shelves: Give God thanks or Give God the door.

No matter what we’re facing, there are always only two roads: thanksgiving to God or dismissing of God.

And you know -- if you let something steal your thanksgiving, you let something steal your joy, and if you let something steal your joy, you let something steal your strength.

Let nothing steal your thanksgiving to God – so that in everything you can stand strong in God.

Bottom line: We will give thanks to God not because of how we feel, but because of who He is.

No disaster, no storm, no cancellation, no termination, no catastrophe will stop us from giving thanks.

Because we know:

No matter where we are, every thanksgiving always brings us home — because giving thanks always bringing you home to the heart of God. – from One Thousand Gifts

#1000Gifts #ChooseJoy #OTGOBS #bethegift #thanksgiving #thanksliving
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About UBCA


Uintah Basin Christian Academy (UBCA) was founded in 1999, for the purpose of offering academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment for the whole community of Vernal, Utah. UBCA is an auxiliary of Vernal Christian Church. What began as a small student body of twenty-three students and two staff members has grown into over one hundred students and fifteen staff members. UBCA is a non-denominational, non-profit 501 (c)(3) Christian school. UBCA is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Our intent is to become accredited through ACSI in the near future. Currently UBCA serves students in Preschool 2 through Eighth Grade.


Uintah Basin Christian Academy exists to assist parents in fulfilling their divine responsibility to train each child to obey God in every area of life.

We believe the ultimate purpose of our school is to provide a Christ-centered quality education. We believe that all truth is God’s truth and has its source in Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Our program is focused to meet not only the intellectual needs of the students, but also his or her spiritual, physical, and social needs (Luke 2:52).


Glorifying God by assisting parents in their God-given responsibility to train up their children to be followers of Christ, in possession of strong intellects, spirits, bodies, and characters by providing students with Christian values, biblical principles, and an excellent academic education.

Our Vision, as We Soar Like Eagles through the 21st Century

Unifying families, school, and community
Basing daily instruction on individual student needs
Christ-centered learning environment
Aspiring to provide a ministry center of service

Excellence in academic achievement

An atmosphere of respect, encouragement, and accountability

God’s Word as the foundation and ultimate truth

Life-long learners, prepared for God’s calling

Equipping and challenging students through innovative and engaging curriculum

Students and staff as ambassadors of Christ’s grace

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